A visit by UNOCHA to RMF center for Education and Protection Services.

Earlier this February, a monitoring team from UNOCHA visited RMF center for Education and Protection Services in Bab El Tebbaneh, Tripoli. The team toured the center and got the chance to meet with the students and the center’s director. This visit falls under the UNOCHA funded project “Child Labor in Bab Al Tebbaneh” that is being implemented by Rene Moawad Foundation. The main objective of the project is to reduce and prevent child labor in North Lebanon through various recreational activities.

RMF concludes the “Singing for Peace” project funded by the European Union and implemented in Bab El Tebbaneh to promote culture.

8 February 2017 – Within the framework of the “Singing for Peace” project, a project funded by the European Union and implemented by RMF in collaboration with the Italian ARCI association, RMF organized the closing ceremony for the project at the Education and Protection Services Centre that it runs in Bab El Tebbaneh, Tripoli.
The event was attended by the representative of the European Union Beindey Dagher, representatives of the Italian ARCI association, a number of mukhtars from Bab El Tebbaneh along with representatives from associations in Bab El Tebbaneh, dignitaries from the region and the children’s parents.
This project focused on improving understanding and dialogue among Italian, Syrian and Lebanese communities through culture promotion.

This project revolved around 5 primary activities:
1. Organizing 150 hours of choral chant courses for Syrian and Lebanese children 6-15 years old.
2. Organizing 150 hours of rap music courses for Syrian and Lebanese children 8-17 years old.
3. Organizing 150 hours of breakdance courses for Syrian and Lebanese children 8-17 years old.
4. Recording a video about the activity implementation in order to show it in 3 Italian schools.
5. Organizing a visit to Lebanon of 3 national level Italian artists during the courses, in order to provide 1-week workshops for the children and exchange their experience with Lebanese teachers.

The event started with the Lebanese national anthem and the anthem of the European Union. Mrs Hasna Mouawad Tanios, representing RMF, gave the 1st speech in which she said: “If the Rene Moawad Foundation is a symbol of unlimited giving, the European Union and the ARCI association are the main supporters and believers in our work.”
She added: “If we speak about childhood we speak about peace and joy, how then if we speak about the ‘Singing for Peace’ project? We meet today to conclude together a project financed by the European Union and implemented jointly by the ARCI association and RMF. This project has contributed in promoting the culture of peace among children of different nationalities by the creation of choruses and Rap and Breakdance groups.”
And she concluded by thanking all those who contributed to the success of the project and supported it.”

This was followed by a speech by Mrs. Khulood Ali director of the Education and Protection Services Centre, in which she said that the aim of the project was to change the negative image that people have of Bab El Tebbaneh due to the war fighting periods, and give a new positive image that shows that the Bab El Tebbaneh area is also a place where children have talents to express and a love of life and joy when given the opportunity.”

The ‘Assalti Frontali’ concert band, known in Italy for its Rap dance performances, participated in the event to show support for the children. The manager of the band, Luca Marcini, expressed his happiness to have come to Tripoli and Lebanon, and that he was given the opportunity to participate and cooperate with the region’s youth sharing the culture of peace, fun and love.

The event also included Breakdance performances, Rap songs and the viewing of a video clip of a Rap song by the students of the centre.

Invitation to Bid – Collecting and sorting of solid waste project

René Moawad Foundation (RMF) invites sealed bids from eligible companies for the supply of Truck pick up for the solid waste – WASH project ‎implemented by RMF in Partnership with UNHCR and funded by UNHCR.
If interested, please send an email to [email protected] requesting the documents in soft copy.
The deadline for Submission is February 22nd, 2017.
Bids must be submitted back in sealed envelopes to Rene Moawad Foundation Beirut office (6th Floor, Al Mohameen Building, Alfred Naccache Street, Achrafieh Lebanon)

Training sessions on “Managerial Procedures” and “Volunteering Management”

During the month of January, RMF in collaboration with USJ, organized two training sessions on “Managerial Procedures” and “Volunteering Management” under the EU funded project “Enhancing CSOs in the North and Akkar for Sustainable Development”.
The trainings took place in the foundation’s premises in Mejdlaya and were attended by Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) from Tripoli, Zgharta, Koura, Becharre, Batroun, Minnieh, Dennieh and Akkar.

RMF, in partnership with the Lebanese School for Social Training, out of the University of Saint Joseph (USJ) are conducting the project “Enhancing CSOs in the North and Akkar for Sustainable Development” to build the capacity of Lebanese CSOs in the fields of management, human resources, financial management, administration, project development, proposal writing, stakeholder engagement and much more.

Training session on “Project Cycle Management (PCM)”

19 January, 2017 – Under the EU funded project “Enhancing CSOs in the North and Akkar area for Sustainable Development”, RMF in collaboration with USJ organized a training session on “Project Cycle Management (PCM)” conducted by Mrs. Nora Daccache from USJ-ELFS.
Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) from Tripoli, Zgharta, Koura, Becharre, Batroun, Minnieh, Dennieh and Akkar participated in the session that was held in the foundation’s premises in Mejdlaya.

A visit by USAID team to the Barouk-Fraidiss Patriotic Trail.

On January 19, a team from USAID visited the Rashid Nakhle information and Cultural Center which was rehabilitated under the USAID BALADI program in 2015 accompanied by Rene Moawad Foundation team. Both teams met with the project’s partners from Barouk municipality, Shouf Biosphere Reserve, volunteers and students from the Lebanese University, to know more about the project’s objectives, work and socio-economic/cultural benefits, in addition to its importance to the area.

The tour continued with a hike to the trail sections leading to the “Noss Mill”, one of the historical sites that was rehabilitated by USAID BALADI project. The team also had a short hike to the Barouk cedar forest overlooking the trail. The tour ended with a lunch at the “Cedar House” for light village snacks prepared by one of the women micro-entrepreneur from the village.

“Promoting Sustainable Tourism in the Shouf Region-Barouk-Fraidiss Patriotic trail” is a USAID BALADI project that was inaugurated in August 2015 and its main objective is to promote sustainable tourism in the Shouf region through rehabilitating the Rashid Nakhleh center and developing hiking sites that present natural and historic attractions and activities in an eco-friendly manner. The project improves the livelihoods and incomes of local residents through rural tourism economic activities. The project has so far benefited 52,080 persons out of which 29,400 are youths.