RMF celebrating World Children’s day

Name: Noelie Fenianos Title: L’etoile du Nord Nursery and pre-school Director ‘’Libérez le potentiel de l’enfant et vous transformerez le monde avec lui’’ MM A l’Etoile du Nord, on se met tous en œuvre pour aider les enfants à vivre, à s’épanouir et à réaliser leur potentiel, dès la petite enfance. Notre mission est d’aider [...]

RMF celebrating World Children’s day

Name: Nayla Zaatini Title: Children and Youth Coordinator Project name: Strengthening Exports of Lebanese Fruits and Vegtables to European and Regional Markets funded by the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Child labour is prevalent in the agricultural sector especially that it occurs in a family farming concept in Lebanon and in most developing countries. Some children [...]

RMF celebrating World Children’s day

Name: Monica Mekhtfi Title: Outreach Officer Project name: Education and Child Protection Special Project funded by Plan International  A healthy, happy and empowered child grows up to be a change-maker. Children grow up to be what their parents and communities allow them to become. This is why everyone must take action to improve children's welfare [...]

RMF celebrating World Children’s day

Name: Najib Yazbeck Title: Project Coordinator Project name: Emergency assistance with Water, Sanitation, and Education for Syrians refugees and affected populations in North Lebanon  At the Rene Moawad Foundation, we believe that every child has the right to learn and be engaged in educational activities regardless of his age, gender and nationality. Our aim is [...]

RMF celebrating World Children’s day

Name: Julie Khoury Title: Project Manager Porject name: Empowering children in North Lebanon funded by UNICEF    يقع العديد من الأطفال في شمال لبنان ضحايا الإهمال وسوء المعاملة والاستغلال. ولكن يختلف الوضع بين منطقة وأخرى حيث يقطن غالبيتهم في مجتمعات مهمّشة، ضغيفة، وفقيرة يكونوا فيها أكثر عرضة للاستغلال وسوء المعاملة والحرمان. من هنا فإنّ مشروع [...]

RMF celebrating World Children’s day

Name: Khouloud Al Ali Title: Director of RMF Center for Education and Protection Services – Tebbaneh- Tripoli Since its establishment in 2000, this center created hope to the kids residing in Tebbeneh area, where they are at high risk of school drop out and more violence. The services provided to the kids, their families and [...]

USAID Assists Bkassine Muncipaity Establish an Agro-processing Center to Boost Incomes

As the economic situation in Lebanon worsens, income sources are becoming scarce. Women in the mountainous village of Bkassine used to produce agro-food from locally grown products to make a living. However, this sector, which was already suffering from limited sales due to modest marketing capabilities and difficulty in sustaining optimal produce quality, has only […]


Fatri is a beautiful rural village in the Jbeil district (Mount Lebanon, Lebanon) that is renowned for its natural sceneries which constitute a big asset for potential eco-tourism activities that can in turn boost local economy and generate jobs. As part of BALADI project implemented by Rene Moawad Foundation in partnership with Fatri Municipality, two […]


Meet Nohemie Rizk from Qaa Rim and one of our future workers in the established agro-food processing facility. This project was selected based on community needs, given that many women within the village of Qaa el Rim already work in agro-food processing from their homes but they lack awareness of standardization products and food safety […]

Farming is a profession of Hope-USAID BALADI

Mahmoud Kanjo is one of Tal Abbas farmers who is engaged in agriculture since 1997. He is the head of a household consisting of a wife and 2 kids. Before the new water conveyance network was established by RMF under the BALADI program funded by USAID, Mr. Mahmoud used to rely on barley farming and […]


RMF and Plan International’s efforts to empower women subject to early marriage bears fruit as a project targeting these vulnerable groups approaches the end of its cycle In an ideal world, people should be completely in charge of their lives and capable of making their own decisions freely and openly. However, for many individuals, this […]


Rachiine citizens note that their town feels livelier and that local businesses are performing a bit better after USAID installed LED lights all along the town’s streets. Be it in crude physics or in metaphysics, light is an element that holds a significant and profound value. This seemingly monarchic status given to light irrespective of […]


Kfardlakos citizens express how they’ve regained their trust in NGOs as USAID completes a project involving the installation of Solar Water Heaters and LED Streetlights in their Town When it comes to Humanitarian work and Philanthropy, it is often thought that since good intentions are present, and one side has a willingness to give or […]

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