RMF celebrating World Children’s day

Name: Khouloud Al Ali

Title: Director of RMF Center for Education and Protection Services – Tebbaneh- Tripoli

Since its establishment in 2000, this center created hope to the kids residing in Tebbeneh area, where they are at high risk of school drop out and more violence. The services provided to the kids, their families and the community include awareness, buidling capacities, positive parenting sessions, and others.

This center has worked through all its projects to promote child rights in an area where violations against children are frequent (work, child marriage, discrimination…). The center contributed to promoting the child’s right to education and protection from work, through targeting children at risk of dropping out of schools (school support program) or working children (BLN classes), in addition to preserving the child’s right to entertainment in a safe environment through various activities (sports, handicrafts, brake dance…).

For the protection of children, life skills programs, PSS and FPSS programs have contributed to raising children’s awareness on how to protect themselves and being active members of the society.

Over the years, so many success stories in the center marked our mission. A eight-year-old child who fled the war in Syria to Lebanon couldn’t be enrolled in a school. He likes a lot the center and is grateful for the team because he learned to read and write his name. His words motivated us the most to continue our mission and work.

RMF celebrating World Children’s day
إعلان إستدراج عروض لتنفيذ أعمال مشروع انتاج كهرباء على الطاقة الشمسية في أرزون – قضاء صور