A visit by UNOCHA to RMF center for Education and Protection Services.

Earlier this February, a monitoring team from UNOCHA visited RMF center for Education and Protection Services in Bab El Tebbaneh, Tripoli. The team toured the center and got the chance to meet with the students and the center’s director. This visit falls under the UNOCHA funded project “Child Labor in Bab Al Tebbaneh” that is being implemented by Rene Moawad Foundation. The main objective of the project is to reduce and prevent child labor in North Lebanon through various recreational activities.

RMF attends the "Design Thinking Techniques" workshop by UNICEF
{:en}Invitation to bid - construction & restoration - Douma{:}{:ar}إعلان إستدراج عروض - بناء وترميم – دوما {:}

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