Call for expert: online platform supporting export of produce

Strengthening Exports of Fruits and Vegetables from Lebanon to European and Regional Markets


“3.5 Establish Ministry of Economy and Trade (MOET) online platform supporting export of produce- Activity 3.5.2 Experts to assess the platform needs”

MISSION – IT EXPERT to develop the action plan for the platform and will work with the coordinator to gather information to populate the new system.
BENEFICIARY Ministry of Economy and Trade (MOET) / Strengthening Exports of Fruits and Vegetables from Lebanon to European and Regional Markets Project


Based on the 2018 CBI report along with previous studies and projects indicating both opportunities and challenges for the export and impact of the development of the 4 crops as well as RMF’s longstanding experience in the field, RMF aims through this project that will extend for 4 years is to strengthen specific value chains (Grapes, potatoes, cherries and avocados) by supporting major actors across the value chain including farmers, service providers, aggregators , exporters, public and private institutions and academia in improving their capacities and providing them with best practices, new technologies , tools and equipment to enhance the value chain to meet export requirements and enabling environment and ultimately enhancing economic advancement. Special focus will be made on affected and vulnerable areas including Kaa, Bekaa, Akkar etc. This will be conducted by addressing several obstacles outlined in the CBI value chain analysis presentation mainly in enhancing pre and post – harvest handling, access to markets, and CSR performance.

The project also supports enhancing job creation and poverty reduction for rural hosting and refugee communities including Syrian refugees as well as strengthening social stability where competition for resources and employment has caused tensions in the past. Historically, Lebanese farmers have frequently relied on Syrian refugees to assist with agricultural work and care for farms. This has made the Syrian involvement in the agricultural sector commonly accepted. Not to mention that agriculture is one of the few sectors in which Syrian refugees are legally allowed to work. By creating more job opportunities and reducing poverty amongst the strained hosting Lebanese communities and the Syrian refugees, this project will also be directly contributing to social stability and a peaceful coexistence between the host and refugee communities.

: Enhanced economic advancement in Lebanon through the strengthening of 4 specific value chains (grapes, potatoes, cherries and avocados) towards improved exports by supporting the export enabling environment among concerned stakeholders and chain actors including farmers, SME’s, exporters, government bodies and private sector mainly in affected remote areas


EO1: Capacities of targeted farmers within 4 value chains enhanced to produce improved and competitive agricultural products that comply with buyer requirements through capacity building, provision of tools and equipment and usage of new technologies.

EO2: Capacities of exporters and post-harvest handling facilities enhanced through trainings, linkages to EU, GCC and window markets, assessment of facilities leading to increased export of targeted value chain products.

EO3: Governmental bodies working across the 4 targeted value chains have enhanced facilities, best practices, linkages and networks supporting the facilitation of export process and upgrading the value chains.

EO4: Improved support for children and youth in the 4 targeted value chains.

Framework General

Component 3.5 –Platform


OBJECTIVES To Assess the platform needs and develop The action plan will be developed in the first visit on the basis of the gap analysis and will include:

–           description of the types and sources of information that will be delivered by the platform in the first phase of its upgraded operation;

–           the creation of a priority list of information to be further developed, and

–           description of the delivery mechanism (website).

Main Tasks The IT and Trade expert will jointly prepare and elaborate the platform and they are to :

·       complete the gap analysis

·       complete the platform action plan consisting the following components:

o   Description of the types and sources of information that will be delivered by the platform in the first phase of its upgraded operation;

o   Creation of a priority list of information to be further developed, and description of the delivery mechanism (website).

–        To post the summary of the trade agreements on the platform in a friendly user manner Friendly user pointing out the main points and benefits of the agreement regarding trade

–        Search engine

–        Q&A

–        To start up with the value chain products and post their requirements and standards if exported to

–        EU Markets (EU Trade Help Desk)

–        MENA Markets

–        Trade Statistics formula

–        Software to be used to analyze trade indicators:

–        Trade Balance

–        Graph

–        Top 10 imports and exports

–        Yearly Comparison

–        Monthly sections and chapters HSC

–        To extract data in table format starting 2000 till present

–        To have the requested tables directly on Excel ready-for mat, without the need of rearrangement of columns and format.

–        Tariff quotas

–        Option of obtaining the excel sheet requested as pdf file

–        To have the product description near each HS code product

–        insert data from customs and ITC trade map sites

–        Potential markets

–        % of export

–        % market share

–        Post all supported agricultural and SMEs loans

–        Analyzing rejections data

–        Figures and tables

–        Friendly user

–        QR Code linking the exhibition audience to the relevant data within the exhibition section on the platform

Outputs The action plan for the platform development
Expenditure The I.E. eligible costs related to the activities covered by this TOR will be charged to the Incidental Expenditures (I.E.) budget.
Profile of IT EXPERT § Minimum of 10 years of professional experience in developing digital platform.

§ Develop and manages architecture design, implementation, and governance. Influence technology decisions covering any areas of responsibility

§ Knowledge in Core Systems: Full Stack Development Core Technologies

§ Involved with vendor and product selection to ensure adherence to architecture standards. Assist with selection of hardware, software, systems, techniques or methodologies. This is to include active participation in RFP processes, technology assessments and/or pilot implementations

§ Contributed software engineering expertise in the development of products through the software lifecycle, from requirements definition through successful deployment

§ Designed multiple of software solutions driving continuous improvement to processes, systems, workflow and customer responsiveness.

§ Mentored development teams in Agile SDLC and RAD best practices. Ensured the release of premium-quality applications that provided intuitive and secure experiences for users.

§ Delivered new or enhanced developments, Web-based customer applications

§ software that automated customer loan data collection and processing functions, systems for securely handling electronic funds transfers

§ browser plug-ins enabling fail-safe recovery of Internet file transfers

§ Development Tools, Methodologies & Environments: Rapid Application Design (RAD), Object-Oriented Analysis & Design (OOAD), Scrum Methodologies, Prototyping Approach, Continuous Integration Toolset.

§ Fluency in speaking, reading and writing English and Arabic;

§ Strong communications skills and ability to communicate with people at all levels, verbally and in writing

§ Fluency in speaking, reading and writing English;

§ Knowledge of Arabic would be an advantage but is not essential.

§ Strong communications skills and ability to communicate with people at all levels, verbally and in writing.

TIME SCHEDULE 13 January 2020 – 29 February 2020
Location The consultancy and reporting activities will take place in Beirut, at the Ministry of Economy and Trade, or at any other place to be agreed upon (on a consecutive day basis and within normal working hours from 08:30h to 17:30h).
Contact The Expert will work with the support of the coordinator
& Content
The Expert shall submit a formal report at the end of the assignment, covering the objectives and expected results, activities undertaken, results achieved, evaluation of the training and attendees, problems encountered, and recommendations for follow up.

The report shall be delivered in one printed copy and as an electronic file and shall be in the format approved by the Quality Programme (to be provided at the beginning of the assignment).

The report shall be sent to the coordinator for review and comments before submitting it to the Project manager for approval.

Soft copies of all reports, annexes, data collection etc., must be supplied.

All information must be directly traceable to these ToRs through the sub-project number.

Language The project working language is English (to be used in all reports and communications between the consultant and the Quality Programme).
Ownership All activity outputs, including research data, reports, presentations and support documentation, will remain the property of the Quality Programme.

All materials prepared for the implementation of the assignment should be presented using RMF LOGO only (template available) and no contractor logo should appear on same.

Date & Signature I, undersigned, agree with the present Terms of Reference.

Beirut, 2019


To apply kindly send your CV and proposal to: [email protected] and cc: [email protected]

Submission Deadline: 10/1/2020

Needed: “Study and analysis of adventure tourism in Lebanon”

MEDUSA: Development and Promotion of Mediterranean Sustainable Adventure Tourism

Tourism in the Mediterranean is a key driver for socio-economic progress and a major income source for many of its countries. Some of the sectorial challenges lie within the predominance of mass seaside tourism and the seasonality of the industry.

MEDUSA project tackles these challenges via targeted cross-border interventions to develop and promote Adventure Tourism (AT) as a sustainable niche in the tourism market that provides the opportunity to reveal less known destinations and attract tourists throughout the whole year.

MEDUSA project is co-financed by the European Union under the European Neighborhood Instrument cross-border cooperation programme “Mediterranean Sea Basin” 2014-2020 (ENI CBC MED).

The Countries involved in MEDUSA are Spain, Jordan, Lebanon, Tunisia, Italy and the leader is Barcelona Chamber. The Duration of this project is From September 1st 2019 to August 31st 2022 with a global Budget of € 3,317,314

Tenders and documents are available here in the related documents section.

How to apply
René Moawad Foundation (RMF) invites you to send your proposals by email to [email protected] or in sealed envelopes to be sent to our premises in Achrafieh.

Tender Announcement – Construction of a Hangar to expand the technical school in Arsal

As part of the Baladi Program, RMF and the municipalities of Arsal, Baalback are calling for an invitation to establish a hangar to expand the technical school in the town.

Interested applicants can obtain the file from RMF office in Ashrafieh – 01/613367.

The deadline is 28/11/2019.

For more info on the bidding conditions, kindly click here

Invitation to bid to rehabilitate a multi-purpose room for social activities

As part of the Baladi Program, RMF and the municipalities of Mazraat Al Chouf (Chouf district) are calling for an invitation to bid to rehabilitate a multi-purpose room for social activities in the village.

Interested applicants can obtain the file from RMF office in Ashrafieh – 01/613367.

The deadline is 20/11/2019.

For more info on the bidding conditions, kindly click here

Invitation to Bid in Arsal

تقوم مؤسسة رينه معوّض  بالشراكة مع بلدية عرسال بإجراء مناقصة عامة لشراء وتركيب ماكينة لتجفيف الفاكهة في بلدة عرسال – قضاء بعلبك

على الراغبين بالاستحصال على الملف التوجّه الى مكاتب الـمؤسسة في الأشرفية، شارع ألفرد نقاش – بناية المحامين – ط (6)- تلفون:01-613367 

آخر مهلة لتسليم العروض في مكتب الأشرفية الساعة 3:00 ب.ظ في 07/10/2019
يمكنكم الاطّلاع علىشروط المناقصة هنا

Invitation to bid | LED Lights

As part of the Baladi Program, RMF and the municipalities of Tekrit, Akkar are calling for an invitation to bid to provide street LED lights for the village.

Interested applicants can obtain the file from RMF office in Ashrafieh.

The deadline is 18/9/2019.

For more info on the bidding conditions, kindly click here

RMF Completes a New Rural Tourism and Sustainable Forest Management Project in Batloun, Shouf

The Building Alliance for Local Advancement, Development, and Investment (BALADI) program, funded by the United Stated Agency for International Development (USAID) and implemented by René Moawad Foundation (RMF) in partnership with Shouf Biosphere Reserve (SBR), celebrated the completion of a new rural development project in Batloun (Shouf district).

The project, developed by the municipality and community of Batloun, the Biosphere Reserve and neighboring areas, promotes eco-tourism and helps ensure sound and sustainable management of forests. The assistance created jobs and income for 106 farmers through collecting and transforming pruned remnants of vegetation into utilizable heating logs and 39 jobs at the briquetting facility.

The inauguration event held in “Darb El Hara” Batloun valley, was attended by USAID Local Development Director Claude Zullo; RMF Executive Director, Michel Moawad; Mayor of Batloun, Marwan Kays; representatives from Barouk, Maaser El Shouf, Botmeh, and Khreibeh El Shouf municipalities; representatives from the Agricultural Cooperative of Batloun and Maaser El Chouf; representatives from Al Shouf Cedar Society; and members of parliament, Batloun community, and other local stakeholders.

USAID provided $175,000 to the community of Batloun for a series of economic developments, including: establishment of a 20-kilometer trail and tourism information office; creation of a booklet, promotional material, and a documentary guide for the trail; training for tour guides; as well as pruning and wood briquetting equipment (sales of which are distributed to low-income families). To date, 1,209 residents from Barouk and the Maaser El Chouf, Botmeh, and Khreibet El Chouf surrounding villages benefited from reduced costs of heating their homes by utilizing the briquette logs. The project also organized numerous awareness sessions and field trips to promote sustainable forest management and protection. More than 1,435 students from 16 private and public schools participated in these field visits.

In his remarks, Mr. Zullo emphasized “For a long time, the United States has advocated empowering local communities to promote local economic development and address social challenges; this is why USAID has worked closely with the Lebanese people for decades to create strong communities that improve livelihoods through increased employment and economic opportunities. We believe that projects like this are important to energize communities in rural areas, attract visitors and increase residents’ income”.

RMF Executive Director Michel Moawad confirmed that RMF will continue to work as a platform for advancement by funding and partnering with projects or organizations with whom it shares the same vision: “RMF collaborates with strategic partnerships alongside the private-sector in Lebanon, our diaspora and international donors. These partnerships allow us to expand our programs and bring about impactful change”.

Since 2012, USAID has implemented 87 community development activities in more than 140 municipalities in 22 districts. Activities include solar back-up electricity generation, irrigation, improvement of public schools and community health clinics, income-generation enterprises, and enhanced social cohesion through community centers.

More information about the BALADI program can be found at

Invitation to bid |Solar water heaters

As part of the Baladi Program, RMF and the municipalities of Matrit, Koura are calling for an invitation to bid to provide solar water heaters for the village residents.

Interested applicants can obtain the file from RMF office in Ashrafieh.

The deadline is 29/8/2019.

For more info on the bidding conditions, kindly click here

RMF organizes its 3rd fundraising dinner in Lebanon to keep the Lebanese Human Being rooted in his country

Beirut, June 19, 2019 – For its third consecutive year, The Rene Moawad Foundation (RMF) organized its annual fundraising dinner “تيبقى اللبناني بارضه” at “The Parks” Biel – Furn el Chebbak set in a beautiful authentic Lebanese night, bringing together the best genuine rustic cuisine from all over Lebanon, as well as a showcasing of skills and talents from all Lebanese regions with a special performance by Lebanese artist Georges Nehmeh. All funds raised aim to support many of the Foundation’s projects and developmental activities in Lebanon, especially those related to education and human development, economic development, agriculture and rural development, health and social care, and local decentralization.

The dinner was attended by political and diplomatic figures, representatives and entrepreneurs from the private sector, judges, mayors, business men and women, as well as a number of press, media and social figures.

In his speech, RMF Executive Director, MP Michel Moawad, emphasized on the story of the Foundation; a story of faith and belief that transformed the martyrdom of President René Moawad into an institution to spread his vision throughout the country regardless of the obstacles. For almost three decades, RMF travelled far and wide, broke all political, confessional and geographical barriers to reach all the regions of Lebanon and every Lebanese.

“From Rmeish to Akkar, from Beirut to Arsal, more than 365,000 people benefited from our projects in 2018. We implemented projects that change the lives of thousands of Lebanese every day, and this is all thanks to our partners and supporters, international institutions, the Lebanese private sector, the local authorities, the media, and of course the great efforts of the Rene Moawad Foundation’s staff; 220 young men and women who believe in our cause and carry our message.”

Moawad adds: “I would like to sincerely thank the foundation’s President, Nayla Moawad, who believed in this country and was committed to look for opportunities to give back and make a positive impact on the Lebanese Human Being”.

During the evening, the Lebanese Red Cross, which represents an exemplary of humanitarian and collective work, was honored. Attorney Marielle Michel Moawad, and RMF General Director Nabil Moawad, presented the RMF recognition award to the President of the Red Cross, Dr. Antoine Zoghbi.

The Foundation also awarded a “Lifetime Achievement Award”, created and crafted by the artist Roudy Rahme, to the member of the Maronite Foundation, Ms. Rose Choueiri. The award was presented by Ms. Nayla Moawad, and the Deputy Director General of SGBL and Group Financial Director, Mr. Georges Saghbini.

The event, which was presented by the TV presenter Annabella Hilal, featured several documentaries on the projects and achievements carried out by the René Moawad Foundation.

Invitation to bid |Earthing System

As part of the Baladi Program, RMF and the municipalities of Al Amayer, Al Noura, Al Debbabieh (Akkar district) and Kfardlakos and Rachiine (Zgharta district) are calling for an invitation to bid to install an earthing system for the towns’ steel poles.

Interested applicants can obtain the file from RMF office in Ashrafieh.

The deadline is 23/5/2019.

For more info on the bidding conditions, kindly click here