RMF-USA holds its two Annual Gala Dinners

The Rene Moawad Foundation – USA (RMF-USA) held both their Annual Gala Dinners in the US in the fall. The benefits of these galas go for supporting RMF’s numerous projects and activities in Lebanon.

The first gala took place in Miami. It was organized and chaired once again by Rima Otrakji, board member at RMF-USA and President of the Foundation’s Chapter in Florida. The event took place on the very exclusive Fisher Island which is accessible only to members and cannot be reached except by a special ferry boat service.

Attending the event, the Mayor of Miami Beach, Philip Levine, (who is a potential future governor!) was delighted by the presence of – not only American citizens from Lebanese origins who are very deeply attached to their mother country – but also by the cream of Miami’s high society!

The whole audience applauded RMF decision of honoring Nadim Camille Ashi, who is a renowned and successful Miami businessman of Lebanese origin. Ashi, who received the ‘RMF Distinguished Lifetime Achievement Award’, acts as CEO for a number of companies. He is also very active in real estate, business development, and the management of companies. The Four Seasons Hotel is the last gem in his collection.

Jacques Nasser, former CEO of Ford Motor Company and presently board member of 21st Century Fox and member at the International Advisory Board of Allianz, introduced the Honoree and offered him the prize.

As for the second Gala Dinner, it was held in Washington DC at the Mandarin Hotel. This Gala was the 24th Gala organized by RMF in the US capital. The large and enthusiastic crowd present at the event welcomed the honoring of two highly deserving ladies. Two women of whom Lebanon is very proud.

The first honoree was the late Mamdouha El-Sayed, wife of Elmer Bobst, a highly successful NY businessman. Mamdouha was the heart and soul of the very popular and respected Elmer and Mamdouha Bobst Foundation. This Foundation created the Bobst Library at the New York University. They also have been immensely generous with Princeton University, the American Cancer Society and the American University of Beirut.

The Elmer and Mamdouha Bobst Foundation supports also a number of Lebanese active NGOs from Tripoli, including RMF’s center in Bab El Tebbaneh that cares for around 200 working children yearly. Randa Haffar, Mamdouha’s niece who presently oversees the foundation’s activities, received a posthumous ‘RMF Outstanding Community Service Award’ dedicated to her late aunt, from the hands of Carol Mandel, Dean at the New York University.

The second honoree was Juliette Kayyem a very well-known figure in the American political circles as a frequent on-air National Security Analyst for CNN, with a responsibility at the ‘National Security Council’ as well as a lecturer at the Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, amongst a long list of other distinguished activities. Juliette received the ‘RMF Distinguished Lifetime Achievement Award’ from the hands of Christian Marrone which allowed most of the presents to learn that He is also of Lebanese origins.

Nick Rahall, the president of RMF-USA, gave an address at the event in which he urged those present to provide help to Lebanon, especially during the delicate times that the country is passing through today…

The evening allowed many guests to discover the wonderful and world renowned Lebanese Soprano Tania Kassis. The Lebanese-American singer and pianist Leila Milki, entertained the whole evening.

At both events, RMF’s president H.E. Nayla Moawad, gave a keynote speech in which she first thanked the American people for the support they provide to USAID (United States Agency for International Development). She explained that the USAID is doing a lot in Lebanon and that RMF is their implementing partner in the ‘BALADI Program’. BALADI works all through Lebanon, enhancing Local Authorities who present their needs in Development.  Mrs. Moawad announced proudly that, in the forth coming prorogation, RMF would be their only partner for the whole Lebanon.

And, to conclude, she stressed again the goals of the Foundation: Human Development – mainly through Education and different training programs – accompanied by a fair Economic Development which is the main prerequisite for a ‘United and Harmonious Lebanon’.

Hygiene awareness raising in Beb El Tebbaneh

The René Moawad Foundation launched an initiative to raise awareness about the importance of personal hygiene and environmental cleanliness for 150 children and adolescents in the Bab al-Tabbaneh area between the ages of 7-18.

Based on a mini-study done by the students of the hairdressing course at RMF for Education and Protection Services within the framework of the UNICEF-funded “Youth Support through Education, Capacity Building and Employment in the North” project, many children in Bab El Tebbaneh lack the culture of a hygiene and cleanliness in general.

The students proposed a recreational educational program on hygiene and protecting the environment, dealing with the problem of waste and recycling, presented in a fun and interesting manner in cooperation with the actor Nazih Youssef and a group of students of the center.

“Supporting vulnerable girls and boys with learning, soft and hard skills and employability programmes in the North” project implemented by the Rene Moawad Foundation allows young Lebanese and non-Lebanese youth to participate and empower themselves to pursue meaningful lifestyles, engage in activities that benefit their communities, develop their abilities and life skills, and increase their self-confidence to be active in their environment.

RMF helps the Lebanese apple growers find export markets in Russia

RMF launched a new initiative to help the Lebanese apple growers export their produce to new foreign markets. The initiative was an answer to the serious crisis that the Lebanese apple farmers have been enduring for the past few years, not being able to find markets for their produce. It is an initiative that comes under RMF’s ‘Providing support for Agriculture and for Rural Development’ program.

The efforts put by RMF’s Executive Director Michel Moawad led to opening the Russian markets for the first time to the Lebanese apples. RMF worked in cooperation with a company that specializes in finding markets for Lebanese vegetables and fruits in Russia.

The packaging was done according to high quality specifications to meet the quality norms required by the Russian market and International Quality Standards set and verified by ‘Bureau Veritas’. Entering the Russian market for the first time, this initiative is an experiment to test the Lebanese apples’ appeal to local consumers. Hopefully, with a positive response, the initiative will be opening new export markets for larger quantities of Lebanese apples produce in the future, helping the Lebanese apple farmer to stick to his farming activities and ‘stay in his land’!

The apple crisis

The Lebanese apple grower depends on this activity to earn his livelihood. Closed borders and poor marketing in foreign countries had caused him recently to face extremely challenging conditions while trying to sell his produce. What added to his plight this season was the issue of the compensation proposed to him by the government, for not being able to sell his produce. Consequently, most of farmers were left with no gains or profit.

The urging appeals to the government and the authorities to support and help the apple producers reach foreign markets hadn’t led to any relevant initiative. Trusting the quality of the Lebanese apple and the potential to export it to the various parts of the world, RMF moved forward with the ‘Russian market’ initiative.

The endeavor is in tune with RMF’s main objectives to help the Lebanese citizen stay in his land, and help establish foundations for his social stability. In this case, the initiative will help the Lebanese farmers live with dignity and have access to social justice.

RMF Completes the Irrigation Water Network in Bhannine, Minnieh-Dinnieh

Rene Moawad Foundation (RMF) celebrated on November 21 the completion of the Irrigation Water Conveyance Network project in Bhannine, Minnieh-Dinnieh as part of the USAID funded Building Alliance for Local Advancement, Development, and Investment (BALADI) program.  The celebration took place in the village of Bhannine in the presence of USAID staff, RMF General Director, Mr. Nabil Moawad, the mayor and members of the municipal council of Bhannine, representatives of Sada El Minnieh Association, farmers of Bhannine, and community supporters.

Through BALADI, USAID contributed $123,000 to establish and rehabilitate 1.9 kilometers of irrigation canals over 100 hectares of agriculture lands, benefiting 350 farmers in Bhannine.  The municipality has also contributed $26,000 in construction works.  Prior to the project, the farmers of Bhannine suffered from significant water loss and an inefficient irrigation system as a result of their reliance on earthen canals and old conveyance networks.  With the rehabilitated canals, farmers are now able to better irrigate their crops, look forward to increased production and save approximately $500 per year (per farmer) in irrigation costs.

The five-year $26 million USAID BALADI project is currently implementing 54 activities which engage 137 municipalities to promote socio-economic development throughout Lebanon.  These activities meet the needs of communities in multiple sectors including electricity generation through solar power, improved irrigation systems, access to potable water, equipment for public schools and community health clinics, community social and sports centers, and income generation through rural tourism, agro-processing, entrepreneurship, and skills training.  More information about BALADI can be found on http://baladi-lebanon.org/en

Invitation to Bid – Halba Multi-functional Truck

René Moawad Foundation (RMF) invites sealed bids from eligible companies for the supply of used multi-functional truck with the below specifications for the solid waste – WASH project ‎implemented by RMF in Partnership with UNHCR and funded by UNHCR for Halba Municipality;

Full payload 6500 KG, Crane capacity 2500 KG lifting height 10 meters , Engine W04D 4000 CC Diesel 4 cylinders, Stainless steel box 1.7 x 1×0.8 with top cover lock.

The Deadline for Submission is November 20, 2017.

Bids must be submitted back in sealed envelopes to Rene Moawad Foundation Beirut office (6th Floor, Al Mohameen Building, Alfred Naccache Street, Achrafieh Lebanon).

Invitation to Bid – Dreyb Al Awsat Backhoe Loader

René Moawad Foundation (RMF) invites sealed bids from eligible companies for the supply of used backhoe loader with the below specifications for the solid waste – WASH project ‎implemented by RMF in Partnership with UNHCR and funded by UNHCR for Dreyb Al Awsat Union;

Manufacturing date more than 15 years, not used in Lebanon, Gross Engine Power 74hp 55kW, Operating Weight 17,196lbs 7,800kg, Peak Torque 295lbf 400Nm, Max dig depth 4.24m, Max. Working height 5.53m, Max. Load over height 3.84m, Dump height 2.74m, Load over height 3.23m.

The deadline for Submission is November 20, 2017.

Bids must be submitted back in sealed envelopes to Rene Moawad Foundation Beirut office (6th Floor, Al Mohameen Building, Alfred Naccache Street, Achrafieh Lebanon).

Invitation to bid – Mini Football Court Rehabilitation in Akkar Al Atika-Akkar.

Under the project of “WASH assistance for Syrian Refugees and affected populations in North Lebanon” implemented by René Moawad Foundation funded by UNHCR,  RMF invites sealed bids from eligible companies for the Mini Football Court Rehabilitation in Akkar Al Atika-Akkar.

For those who interested in participating in this tender must obtain the tender file as of 03/11/2017 from the below offices of Rene Moawad Foundation:

  • Mejdlaya-Zgharta; phone number: 06-664080 from 8:30 AM till 3:30 PM.
  • Akkar-Halba; phone number: 70-001522 from 8:30 Am till 3:30 PM.

Bids must be submitted back on Thursday 09/11/2017 in sealed envelopes including price and specifications to Rene Moawad Foundation offices.

The closing date of the offers will be on the following day 10/11/2017 at 11:00 AM at the René Moawad Foundation in Mejdlaya-Zgharta.

Invitation to Bid – Eco Tourism project in Fatri, Jbeil

As part of the Baladi Program, RMF and the municipality of Fatri (Jbeil) are calling for an invitation to bid for the project titled “establishment of an eco-tourism area in Fatri”.

The bid is for the construction of an information center, support wall, a camping site and wooden houses. Interested applicants can obtain the file from RMF office in Ashrafieh.

The deadline is 13-11-2017.

For more info on the bidding conditions, kindly click here.

The bid announcement and info can be found here.

A fun day at the Forum Of the Handicapped, North Lebanon

Under the UNICEF funded project “Supporting vulnerable girls and boys with learning, soft and hard skills and employ-ability programs in the North”, The Rene Moawad Foundation along with Omar Karami Foundation organized various fun activities at the Forum Of the Handicapped, in Al Mina , Tripoli. This community initiative was initiated by the youth under the Unicef project and targeted children with/without disability at the forum.

Invitation to bid – Establishment of a tourist information center in Batloun (Chouf)

As part of the Baladi Program, RMF and the municipality of Batloun (Chouf) are calling for an invitation to bid for the project “promoting eco-tourism and sound practices for sustainable  management of forests in Batloun and surrounding regions”.

The bid is for the establishment of a tourist information center in Batloun under the same project.

The deadline is 26-10-2017.

For more info on the bidding conditions, kindly click here.

The bid announcement and info can be found below: