Protecting and Empowering Adolescent Girls and Boys

This project aims to protect At-risk adolescent girls and boys between 11 and 18 years old (Syrian, Lebanese and/or other nationalities) from violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation and empowered to raise their voice to claim their right to protection and gender equality.

The planned project activities include:

  • 600 adolescent boys and girls (30% boys, 70% girls, 60% refugees and 40% Lebanese aged between 11 and 18 years old) participate in age- and gender appropriate social and recreational activities.
  • 600 adolescent boys and girls participate in the life skills programme
  • 600 adolescent boys and girls participate in protection risk and resource mapping in their localities.
  • 15 peer groups develop action plans to promote a protective environment and organize their own activities
  • 15 activities led by adolescent peer groups to promote social cohesion and a protective family- and community environment for girls and boys are conducted
  • 360 parents and caregivers participate in positive parenting sessions
  • 20 key community leaders are trained to prevent and respond to child protection concerns including child marriage and child labour
  • Support adolescent girls and boys with urgent protection concerns with educational support (materials) and/or access to safe and quality educational services (e.g. school-plus/school support classes, basic literacy and numeracy, support to re-enrolment to formal education, preparatory education for enrolment in vocational training).
  • Support older adolescent girls and boys (14-18 years) with vocational training (TVET, short and medium-term options between 6 and 12 month cycles) and start-up toolkits for entrepreneurship.
  • Provide financial literacy classes to older adolescents (14-18 years) coupled with TVET.
  • Where required, provide adult family members of the most vulnerable at-risk adolescent girls and boys with livelihoods support (employment or vocational training and small business start-up support) to support child protection and education outcomes (e.g. enrolment in school, transition out of child labour, prevention of child marriage).

Provide a safe space for childcare in parallel to educational and vocational training activities to facilitate young mothers’ and fathers’ attendance.

Date January 1, 2018
Location Minnieh–Dennieh, Tripoli and Batroun Districts 
Donors Plan International
Sectors Education 
Beneficiaries Adolescent that are home bound, at risk of violence, abuse and exploitation and at-risk adolescent boys and girls.

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