LEAD II – Pilot project
Lebanon Education Assistance Development

After the completion of the initial LEAD Project, RMF and CHF decided to launch a follow-up pilot project designed to build off the successes of the initial project.

The goal of this follow-up was to establish a standard model for extra-curricular student engagement and a healthy and safe educational environment through improved physical space, basic infrastructure, and increased access to appropriate science and technology laboratories, and enhancing student growth outside the classroom by systemizing after-school programs which the Lebanese public school system could replicate and implement on a wide scale.

Committees were established in each school, and provided training on how to organize and develop activities for school activity clubs. These clubs were then provided with various equipment necessary to carry out the club activities with the students.

Clubs such as music clubs, folklore clubs, football clubs and others were established, and when possible encouraged to meet and interact with clubs from other pilot schools.

Date 01/09/2009-30/06/2010
Project LEAD II – Pilot project Lebanon Education Assistance Development
Budget $87,340
Location North Lebanon:Akkar, Zgharta, Tripoli, Dunnieh, Bcharre

Beirut:Tarik El-Jdideh

South Lebanon: Saida

Mount Lebanon: Aley, Rmayleh, Kitermeya

Bekaa: Baalback, Arsel, Hermel

Donors USAID
Partners Cooperative Housing Foundation
Sectors Education and Human Development
Beneficiaries Direct: Students that are members of the club, teachers, school principles, health educators and parents’ councils.

Indirect: Students other than the club members, parents and other community members.