Enhancing CSOs in the North and Akkar for Sustainable Development

RMF, in partnership with the Lebanese School for Social Training, out of the University of Saint Joseph are conducting a project to build the capacity of Lebanese CSOs in the fields of management, human resources, financial management, administration, project development, proposal writing, stakeholder engagement and much more. After completing an intensive training course, complete with individualized coaching sessions, the CSOs will be given the opportunity to apply for funds through a sub-grant from RMF. These funds will go towards a project implemented by the winning CSOs that will have an economic impact, and positively affect Syrian refugees.
The CSOs will also be linked to the private sector through awareness workshops and participation in a symposium all about corporate social responsibility. These linkages will prove valuable down the line, and are just the beginning of new networks that can have extremely positive ripple effects for the CSOs and their beneficiaries.

Date 01/02/2016-31/02/2018
Project Enhancing CSOs in the North and Akkar for Sustainable Development
Budget 599,298 Eur
Location North Lebanon
Donors EU
Partners Ecole Libanese de Formation Sociale- Universite de Saint Joseph
Sectors Education & Human Development
Beneficiaries 20 CSOs
20 to 40 of the CSOs staff
10,000 beneficiaries from sub granted projects