Training session on Human Resources Management

12 December, 2016
Under the EU funded project “Enhancing CSOs in the North and Akkar area for Sustainable Development”, RMF in collaboration with USJ organized a training session on “Human Resources Management: labor law, taxation and social security”.

20 CSOs representatives from Zgharta, Batroun, Akkar, Tripoli and Koura area participated in the session that was held in the foundation’s premises in Mejdlaya.

{:en}RMF organizes the “Christmas Village” 2016{:}{:ar}مؤسسة رينه معوض تنظّم Christmas Village 2016{:}
{:en}Invitation to bid for solar panel street lights, in Bebnine Al Abdeh (Akkar){:}{:ar}إعلان لإستدراج عروض لمناقصة إنارة الطرقات على الطاقة الشمسية في ببنين العبده{:}

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