RMF distributes containers for planting seeds

As part of the “WASH (Water Sanitation and Hygiene) – Emergency Assistance for the Syrians refugees and affected population in Tripoli/T5” project, the agricultural sector at the Rene Moawad Foundation distributed containers for planting seeds, in three different places: Haj Hassan-Deddeh, Wahat-Deddeh and Tilal-Akkar.
This initiative aims at helping the Syrian refugees secure some of their daily food without cost, and it uses the method of vertical farming in plant containers.

{:en}Invitation to bid for Slope Stabilization Design and Build at the Cold Storage Facility in Ehmej.{:}{:ar}إعلان لإستدراج عروض لمناقصة إنارة الطرقات على الطاقة الشمسية في ببنين العبده{:}
{:en}RMF launches a project for the collection and sorting of waste in Rasnhash, Batroun{:}{:ar}مؤسسة رينه معوض دشنت مشروع جمع النفايات وفرزها في رأسنحاش{:}

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