Water Infrastructure Projects in the North of Lebanon

The Primary objectives of this project are as follows

  • Increase access to potable water from 1.5 to 2.5 million average litters per day in the Bekaa and North Lebanon
  • Connect households to the water supply network. Beneficiaries will save money by purchasing less water from private vendors
  • Ensure that the Bekaa and North Water Establishments will benefit from hands on operation/maintenance training
  • Reduce water-borne diseases due to increased water availability for all residents
  • Improve water quality following the use of durable construction materials as per national guidelines for drinking water

This project is currently being implemented, check the updates page for more information on the implementation.

Date 01/01/2016-31/01/2017
Project Water Infrastructure Projects in the North of Lebanon
Budget $35,082
Location North Lebanon- Minnieh and Dinnieh
Donors EU
Partners UNHCR, Lebanese Ministry of Water and Energy, North Lebanon Water Establishment
Sectors Health & Social Care
Beneficiaries Final Beneficiaries: 113,658 beneficiaries

• Akkar: 5 Municipalities
– Aidamoun/Rmeh/Sharbila (56670 beneficiaries)
– Machha (10880 beneficiaries)
– Halba (26278 beneficiaries)

• Dinnieh: 3 Municipalities
– Bekaasefrine (8080 beneficiaries)
– Mrah Sraj (3938 beneficiaries)
– Assoun (7812 beneficiaries)

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