TAMKIN Project –
Lebanon Municipal Capacity Building and Service Delivery

TAMKIN was focused on helping Local Authorities, and working towards Decentralization.  This effort was targeted at clusters of municipalities all across Lebanon, and RMF was responsible for 44 semi-urban and rural municipalities.

The primary object was to transform those 44 municipalities into effective agents for leading local socio-economic development. The method for this transformation focused on democratic engagement with the private sector and local community residents.

Project Methods:

  • Mobilizing local communities and municipalities by electing Municipal Development Committees (MDCs) composed of 8-12 members representing various community stakeholders.
  • Training the MDCs on how to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats as well as prioritizing investment needs and resource allocation.
  • Identify initiatives which will increase micro-enterprise productivity, incomes, improve livelihoods, and socio-economic status of the community.
  • Develop results of research, and create proposal using local investment, community resources to match contributions from TAMKIN funding.

Implement project using all formal methods including tendering, bidding, monitoring and evaluation to teach valuable skills to MDCs

Date 01/04/2008-30/04/2012
Project TAMKIN Project – Lebanon Municipal Capacity Building and Service Delivery
Budget $1,000,000
Location Zgharta caza, Dennieh casa, Dennieh cluster, Naher El Bared Camp (NBC) – (Al Karkaf, Mar Touma, Borj Al Arab, Majdala, Wadi Jamous, Al Humeira). Beddaoui, Menieh, Deir Imar, Bhanin
Donors USAID
Partners Cooperative Housing Foundation-Lebanon
Sectors Local Authorities and Decentralization
Beneficiaries 594 people consisting of staff, council members, and governmental Municipal Development committees completed capacity building courses

26,650 local citizens benefited from Local Economic Development projects

6566 short and long-term jobs created from project activities