Supporting SMEs in Tebbaneh through Business development services

This project aims to support SMEs and individuals to have an equal access to economic resources and services in the most underdeveloped and marginalised region in North Lebanon – BAB AL TEBBANEH

Main activities:

  • Mapping of potential 50 small and medium enterprises.
  • Conduct a technical screening based on several criteria related to Business in order to select 25 SMEs out of 50.
  • Conduct an Introduction to Business planning training for the selected 25 SMEs for 2 days.
  • Conduct a second technical screening to select 15 SMEs out of 25.
  • Personalised assessment to identify the needs, strength, weakness and opportunities for each the selected 15 Entrepreneurs.
  • Conduct a tailored training for the selected 15 beneficiaries based on their needs and business.
  • Provide one to one expert coaching for the selected 15 SMEs in implementing their business plan and using the equipment.
  • In kind grants for 15 entrepreneurs.
  • Documenting SMEs journey with RMF’s videographer.
  • Map out the existing fairs and exhibitions per sector.
  • Create one to one marketing contracts between the entrepreneurs and the leading markets.
  • Monitor business plan implementation.
  • Outreach 100 most vulnerable persons based on vulnerability criteria to benefit from a vocational education training.
  • Conduct psychometric assessment for the outreached beneficiaries to select 75 out of them.
  • Provide an accelerated technical vocational training for the selected 75 beneficiaries.
  • Provide a basic literacy and numeracy training for the selected 75 persons.
  • Provide life skills training for the selected 75 beneficiaries.
  • Provide start-up toolkits in order to encourage the beneficiaries to start their own business.

Common activities under BAB Rizk:

  • Access to finance intervention event for 410 beneficiaries referred by the 3 partners.
  • Vocational training – Access to market intervention for 30 beneficiaries referred by the 3 partners.

15 July 2019 till 14 July 2020

Location Tebbeneh and surrounding areas
Donors USAID
Partners  Akkarouna and Dar al Zahraa
Sectors Economic development
  • Support SMEs with in kind grants: 15 Entrepreneurs
  • Vocational trainings: 75 persons
  • BLN: 75 persons
  • Life skills: 75 persons
  • Start-up tool kit: 75 persons

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