Olive Oil Development Project – Batroun

In 2002 an olive oil press was established in the town of Kfifane, as well as a cooperative of olive farmers to run the press. They monitor every stage of the production process, from cultivation of the olives to the bottling of the olive oil.

The cooperative is provided with agricultural machinery and fertilizer at a reduced price, and instead of paying cash, the cost is deducted from the oil extracted later on at the press.

The press operates under strict hygienic standards, allowing the production of a high quality product.

Farmers from more than 76 different villages benefit from the press. The number of farmers varies per year, but anywhere between 1000-1500 farmers have their olives pressed into oil, producing anywhere between 250-325 tons of oil.

This project is a self-sustainable project, and continues to operate today.

Date 01/12/2002- On-going
Project Olive Oil Development Project – Batroun
Budget $1,452,067
Location Batroun
Donors RMF and USAID
Partners N/A
Sectors Agricultural & Rural Development
Beneficiaries Villages and Olive farmers in the surrounding area of Batroun