Growing the Potato and Leafy Green Value Chain for Improved Livelihoods

RMF will be focusing on improving the Value-chain for potato and leafy green farmers in Akkar, North Lebanon. One of Lebanon’s most marginalized areas, and also extremely dependent on agriculture. Improving the farming techniques and creating connections in the value chain will help bring economic prosperity and help raise people up.

RMF will also include components of the project that empower women, and tackle child labor in the agricultural field, as well as helping create jobs for Syrian Refugees working in the Agricultural sector.

RMF will also help to establish new linkages to the Netherlands, to explore the possibility of export to the Netherlands, which represents a valuable opportunity to break into a new market. Cooperatives will have their capacities built, and linkages created to help boost their chances of success.

Date 01/01/2017-30/06/2018
Budget $1,066,625
Location Akkar- North Lebanon
Donors The Embassy of the Netherlands, Beirut
Partners  N/A
Sectors Agricultural Development
Beneficiaries 4 Potato and Leafy Green Farmer Cooperatives (60 members), 100 individual farmers, 640 Syrian Workers, 15 Women from within 4 Cooperatives, 50 Children 16 and older

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