CEDARS Project-
Improvement of Forage Production and Its Usage

RMF and CHF determined that a project geared towards improving the production and usage of forage feed for livestock was a significant step that needed to be taken towards strengthening the agricultural industry.

The project is highly beneficial on two levels; as an industry in its own right able to generate economic activity, and growth for those engaged in its production. It also benefits farmers who are focused on the dairy industry, because forage is more nutritious for livestock and increases their milk yield compared to other types of feed.

The specific activities that were undertaken under this project included the production of alfalfa, rye-grass, and corn silage and other winter crops in order to ensure continuous production and supply throughout the year. Workshops and seminars for breeders on the benefits and methods of using forage to feed animals.

2 Silos with 400 ton capacities were built. An administrative and training facility and a vacuum packing line were established.

Date 01/09/2002-30/09/2005
Project CEDARS Project- Improvement of Forage Production and Its Usage
Budget $2,500,000
Location North Lebanon-Akkar
Donors USAID
Partners Cooperatives of Wadi Khaled, Tall Abbass, Zgharta, Koura
Sectors Agricultural Development
Beneficiaries Forage Cooperatives and Breeders