Building Alliance for Local Advancement, Development and Investment Program (BALADI)

The BALADI project is an innovative local development initiative aimed at supporting local municipalities in eleven districts across Lebanon. Due to the fact that the national government is ineffective in enacting quick and impactful change, by promoting the idea of decentralization and empowerment of local authorities, RMF through this project is enabling municipalities to take care of the needs of their communities on their own, relying on their capacities and intimate local knowledge to ensure the greatest level of impact.

As of 2016, RMF has initiated 22 municipal-led community development projects in 10 Lebanese districts. By 2017, BALADI  will have completed 31 municipal-led development projects, delivered more than 370 technical assistance and on-the job training sessions on operations and management, public private partnerships, gender mainstreaming, bill of quantity development, accounting and bookkeeping, laboratory operation, event management, waste management, food safety, rural tourism, solar energy and marketing & outreach to at least 650 persons within the municipal-community committees overseeing projects implementation.

This is an on-going project.

Date 01/09/2012- 31/09/2017
Project Building Alliance for Local Advancement, Development and Investment Program (BALADI)
Budget $13,008,623
Location Keserwen, Jbeil, Batroun, Koura, Bcharre, Zgharta, Minnieh-Dennih, Akkar, Jezzine, Chouf & Saida
Donors USAID
Partners Beyond Beirut, BIAT
Sectors Local Authorities & Decentralization
Beneficiaries Municipalities (in cooperation with local Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), civil society organizations, and members in the community