RMF Staff Training on Child Protection and Gender Based Violence

On December 27 and 28, 2016 Rene Moawad Foundation hosted in its campus in Mejdlaya the International Rescue Committee (IRC) to train RMF staff on Child Protection and Gender Based Violence (GBV). The main objectives of the training included understanding the elements of Gender Based Violence (GBV) [gender, violence, power, informed consent], examining the health, psychological, and social consequences of GBV, describing the guiding principles of working on GBV, and providing frontline workers with information on conducting safe GBV referrals.

{:en}RMF launched a project to establish a sewer line in Siir Al Dunniyeh{:}{:ar}مؤسسة رينه معوض دشنت مشروع انشاء خطّ صرف صحّي في سير معوّض: النظام المركزي فشل في تأمين الانماء وحان الوقت لتفعيل اللامركزية{:}
{:en}The Launching of ‘Christmas Village 2016’{:}{:ar}مؤسسة رينه معوض أطلقت Christmas Village 2016{:}

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