RMF participates in the 6th Annual CSR Lebanon Forum

Supporting Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) to encourage local development is a goal that RMF strongly supports, because we believe in the importance of teaching communities how to help themselves.

This year, RMF began implementing a project titled “Enhancing CSOs in the North and Akkar for Sustainable Development” in partnership with the Ecole Libanaise de Formation Sociale, and funded by the EU. As part of this project, RMF has collaborated with CSR Lebanon, to support and participate in their 6th Annual CSR Lebanon Forum, to highlight the importance of partnering the private sector with national CSOs through Corporate Social Responsibility. As a result, 20 CSOs from the North and Akkar are being given a platform at the Forum to present their initiatives, build networks and establish partnerships to further the work they do to benefit communities.

The Forum is being held on October 27th at the Phoenicia Hotel in Beirut

PDF – Description from the CSR Lebanon Agenda about the CSOs

{:en}Event on October 21st - New sustainable lighting of streets in Ardeh{:}{:ar}تدشين مشروعاً لإنارة الشوارع بإستعمال الطاقة المستدامة في أرده{:}
{:en}Invitations to bid - Kfaryachit, Zghorta{:}{:ar}إعلان إستدراج عروض – كفرياشيت، زغرتا{:}

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