A health awareness event at the Blood Testing Laboratory in Deir Eimar

During the month of April, the USAID BALADI-supported municipal blood testing laboratory in Deir Eimar (Minieh-Dinnieh district) implemented by RMF collaborated with the Lebanese Nursing Syndicate to organize its first health awareness event in partnership with “Ibdaouna” Social Association of Deir Eimar, Future Scout in Lebanon, Beirut Arab University (BAU), The Lebanese Red Cross and the Blood Bank.
“Your health is your responsibility” event was held at the public square of Deir Eimar Municipality and showcased five medical stations including services and information on Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Physical body mass, Dialysis and Blood Donation. 220 persons attended the event and benefited from the free medical checkups, consultations and preventive and therapeutic advices at the stations. Moreover, the USAID-Supported Blood Testing Laboratory in Deir Eimar offered 50% discount vouchers to the visitors who needed medical tests.
The USAID BALADI project implemented by Rene Moawad Foundation contributed $124K to establish the blood testing laboratory in the existing municipal dispensary; the blood testing section had been identified by the municipality and community as a direct need to serve host community and refugees. USAID assistance included making the lab accessible to persons with disabilities, equipping it with the needed machines and testing instruments, and training staff on management, operation, and accounting.

{:en}Invitation to bid – Bebnine El Abdeh Project{:}{:ar}إعلان مناقصة أعمال مشروع إنارة الطرقات على الطاقة الشمسية في بلدة ببنين العبدة – قضاء عكار{:}
Sports activities at the Tebbaneh Center

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