Enhancing Dairy Sector in North Lebanon

The main objective of this project is to develop the dairy production sector in term of skills, so they can raise the quality and the quantity of their milk, so they reach good prices.
Project activities:
• Assessment of the needs of farmers adherents to 3 coop in Akkar, 1in Zgharta, 1 in Dannieh
• Training session to improve skill of farmers and develop their capacity in term of production and management
• Milk collection in order to insure its quality
This project is currently being implemented, and is not complete. Check the updates page for information on project activities.

Date 01/11/2015-31/11/2017
Project Enhancing Dairy Sector in North Lebanon
Budget 709,679 Eur
Location North Lebanon-Akkar, Zgharta, Dannieh
Donors EU
Sectors Agriculture & Rural Development
Beneficiaries 55 Farmers