Project Fact sheet

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Title:  Empowering Women to Participate in Construction Project, HIYA TABNI


Empowering Women to Participate in Construction Project


In the Northern Governorate : Kfaraaka, Bcharre, Mina

In Mount Lebanon: Aley-Bsous , Mairouba, Jbeil -Anaya

USD 303,000
Contact person (RMF)                          
Nadine Roumieh, Program Director
Total duration of the project/action
9 Months
Number of Employees : 8 Full Time Employees, 4 consultants
Overall objectives: The project is designed to create sustainable immediate employment to the most vulnerable in the most affected communities.   
Target Groups (to specify if you have more than 1 target group)


288 Lebanese and Syrian women (50% each 144 in the North and 144 in Mount Lebanon).
Final Beneficiaries              
288 Lebanese and Syrian women
Estimated Results
288 women acquiring Gender Related Matters, and employed.
Main Activities
Providing Gender Based Violence training

Providing Apple, Olive harvesting trainings

Providing Landscaping training

Provide Job opportunities to 288 Syrian and Lebanese Women

Provide Gender Based violence awareness to Male and female