Developing Hydroponics to Access International Markets (DHAIM)

This project facilitated activities to meet the goal of fostering rapid, sustained, and broad-based economic growth in Lebanon’s agricultural sector through targeted activities in three objective components:

  1. Increase Farmers’ Access to Markets and Market Intelligence.
  2. Improve Horticultural Production & Post–Harvest handling Practices.
  3. Enhance Business Development services & Capacity Development.

RMF activities were primarily concerned with improving horticultural production and post-harvest handling practices. The three major activities carried out under this component were:

  1. Hydroponic Production Activities
  2. Soil-based Production Activities
  3. Food Safety, Global GAP and other International Accreditations

This entailed the establishment of a hydroponic greenhouse for capsicum cultivation, and then the retrofitting of two other greenhouses for high value produce.  RMF agricultural engineers participated in a training run by ACDI/VOCA surrounding Food Safety, Global GAP and international produce quality accreditations to familiarize themselves with these matters to help the agricultural industry in Lebanon prepare and have the knowledge to break into an international trade market.

Date 01/03/2011-31/08/2013
Project Developing Hydroponics to Access International Markets (DHAIM)
Budget $217,208
Location Zgharta- North Lebanon
Donors USAID
Partners ACDI/VOCA- Safadi Foundation, Hariri Foundation, Chambers of Commerce in Tripoli, Saida and Zahle, Arc en Ciel
Sectors Agriculture & Rural Development
Beneficiaries 4,000 beneficiaries covering all value chain actors through increasing access to markets, and approximately 1000 greenhouse owners representing over one third of the greenhouse producers of these crops in Lebanon.