Transparency at RMF

Upholding the highest standards of transparency continues to be a central pillar of our philosophical grounding.

Budget Management

RMF employs advanced and software-driven accounting and budgeting systems to ensure the proper management and accountability of any funds received.


RMF is a results-driven organization and we strive to achieve the best possible outcome on every project implemented. The best results mean positive impact on people’s lives, which is our priority.


RMF serves all people in Lebanon, making no discrimination in our beneficiary selection. We seek to improve the lives of ALL Lebanese citizens.

Sector Results (2006-2015)

1. Education and Human Development

a. Non-Formal Education interventions: 9,500 students
b. Extracurricular activities organized: 39,019 students
c. School Kits delivered: 10,000 Students
d. Remedial Classes: 2,000 students
e. Cultural and Exchange activities: 1,700 students
f. New School Equipment: 30,000 students
g. Public schools rehabilitated (120 schools): 25,500 students
h. Syrian refugee school support classes: 1000 students
i. Human Rights and Democracy project beneficiaries: 2000 student Sector total: 120,719 Beneficiaries

2. Economic Development

a. Women benefiting from Training & Coaching: 1,500 women
b. Job orientations delivered: 6,500 girls & women
c. Community members benefiting from projects implemented by women leaders: 300 members
d. Women from Cooperatives & SMEs benefiting from business skills: 225 cooperatives & SMEs
e. Small producers receiving publications on available micro-financing opportunities: 5,000 small producers
f. Young entrepreneurs supported via loans & grants: 1,850 g. Subsidized loans through BIAT: $8,300,000 Sector total: 15,375 Beneficiaries

3. Health & Social Care

a. House Rehabiliated/Year: 18
b. Lebanese beneficiaries/WASH projects: 93,092
c. Syrian beneficiaries/WASH projects: 24,930
d. Refugees receiving medical checkups: 25,000
e. Students receiving medical checkups: 50,000
f. Mobile clinic beneficiaries: 100,000
g. Public Health Program beneficiaries: 30,000
h. Community Clinic Beneficiaries: 32,000 Sector Total: 323,202 Beneficiaries

4. Agriculture and Rural Development:

a. Farmers benefiting from capacity building: 9,600
b. Agricultural equipment for cooperatives distributed: 3,700 pieces
c. Families receiving monthly income thanks to processing facilities: 1,300
d. Families benefitting from RMF agricultural facilities: 10,000 Sector Totals: 24,600 Beneficiaries

5. Local Authorities & Decentralization

a. Municipal Capacity building: 672 beneficaries
b. Municipal Development committees training: 2,010
c. Project beneficiaries: 350,000
d. Technical trainings delivered: 1,120 Sector Totals: 353,802 Beneficiaries

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