Design and supervision of Mlikh Generator project

Subject: Terms of Reference – Design and supervision of Mlikh Generator project

Deadline: Wednesday March 23, 2021


  • Introduction

The project “Install a back-up electricity distribution network for the village residents – Mlikh, Jezzine” is under the Building Alliance for Local Advancement Development and Investment (BALADI) program funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and implemented by Rene Moawad Foundation (RMF).

  • Location of the Project and Present Situation

Mlikh is a typical village located in Jezzine District (80 km away from Beirut).

The village does not currently have any back-up electricity distribution system to cover the blackout hours, which average 8 hours per day. Mlikh Municipality owns a 250 KVA diesel generator that is currently being used for street lighting only.

This project entails the procurement and installation of a back-up electricity distribution network to provide village residents with back-up electricity during blackout hours from the existing 250KVA diesel generator; total subscribers will be 250.

The solution includes supplying and installing areal cabling using the existing poles, and a main Panel that will be located next to the existing generator of 250 KVA, including earthing and accessories to ensure a complete solution. (Photos of the existing components in Annex 2).

  • Requirements

The services of a qualified and experienced individual consultant electrical engineer or consulting firm is required for the following tasks:

  • Design phase: (deadline for the first submission: 2 weeks)
    • Design of all the components including main distribution panels and calculations for cables and sizing related accessories.
    • Preparation of the tender documents.
  • Amending the documents above as many times as needed until full clearance from RMF/USAID.
  • Site visits as needed.
  • Bids evaluation phase: (deadline until full completion: 5 working days)
  • Reviewing bids and preparing an evaluation report.
  • Coordinating with RMF Procurement Department for clarifications from bidders as needed.
  • Execution phase:
    • Supervision of works, coordination with the equipment supplier.
    • Reviewing contractor’s submittals (material, shop drawings, methodology, etc.), requesting resubmittals until complete documentation is produced.
    • Site visits and inspections as needed.
    • Reviewing requests for payment from the contractor.
    • Reviewing the project documentation (submittals, executed v/s initial BOQ, as-built drawings, final inspection, warranties, etc.) and ensuring its completion in line with RMF procedure prior to submittal to USAID.
    • Answering technical comments from USAID until clearance, in coordination with RMF team.
  • Qualifications and Skills Required:
  • 10+ years professional experience in design and supervision of similar projects.
  • Qualified in language and writing skills and ability to produce high quality professional reports, and technical summaries.
  • Ability to communicate effectively in person, verbally and in writing.
  • Ability to work in the office and travel on-location.
  • Mastery of computerized tools, specifically with Autocad, Microsoft Office software (Outlook, Excel, Word)
  • Fluent in English and Arabic.

References for similar projects during the past five years have to be provided.

  • Financial proposition:

Financial proposition shall be included in the following table:

Quotation in USD

(VAT excluded)

Design phase
Bids evaluation
Execution phase

Terms of payment have to be provided with the financial proposition.


CV, reference list, and financial proposition shall be sent to [email protected] by the deadline mentioned above.


إعلان إستدراج عروض لتنفيذ أعمال مشروع إنشاء أقنية لتصريف مياه الأمطار في بلدة قعقعية الصنوبر – قضاء صيدا
إعلان إستدراج عروض لتنفيذ أعمال توريد وتركيب بيوت خشبية لمجمع سياحي في بلدة العباسية – قضاء صور

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