MEDUSA Training consultant on Sustainable Destination Management

Project Background: 

The Mediterranean (MED) region is one of the world’s leading tourist destinations, which makes tourism a key driver for socio-economic progress & a key income source for many of its countries. Faced by growing competition & a deterioration of the political & security situation in the region, the destination has demonstrated symptoms of a slowdown, which makes the recovery of the sector an economic priority. This downturn may also present an opportunity to transform the tourism model into a sustainable & competitive one, addressing current sectorial challenges as the predominance of mass seaside tourism, dependence on the European market & territorial imbalances.

The main results of the project are cross-border routes & itineraries, in the form of new and/or improved AT products, revealing lesser-known destinations & attracting tourists throughout the year. A long-term (LT) strategy is envisaged for the promotion & management of these destinations in a sustainable way with the participation of a wide array of stakeholders. The main beneficiaries are SMEs (Tourism Service Providers, Tour Operators (TOs), Travel Agencies, etc.), public authorities & the communities.

The Medusa project, as part of its Tourism Capacity Building Process, and in particular, the Multi-stakeholder Training programme for Adventure Tourism development in the Mediterranean, offers a Training Component on Sustainable Destination Management (Activity 4.1.1). This component puts the emphasis on minimizing tourism environmental & social impacts, preserving heritage & optimizing tourism contributions to economic development of host communities.

The training will be offered in the territories of MEDUSA, namely Catalonia, Jordan, Lebanon, Puglia and Tunisia to municipalities and other governmental officials, bodies in charge of the management of protected areas, outdoor adventure tourism and sports associations, and community groups.

The trainer/consultant will deliver three training sessions of one-day duration each, based on the knowledge and materials of the Online MEDUSA Training of Trainers (TOT) programme on Sustainable Destination Management.

In this regard, the René Moawad Foundation, partner of MEDUSA in Lebanon is launching a tender for a trainer/consultant on sustainable destination management.

Profile of the Trainers:

The Trainers/Consultants should meet and demonstrate the following requirements:

  • At least 10 years of professional experience in the tourism sector – experience in the Adventure tourism segment and in sustainable tourism development is highly valued;
  • Graduated Studies in Tourism & Hospitality, Economics or similar;
  • Certification as a trainer from a recognized institution is highly appreciated, and/or demonstrated experience in undertaking similar training courses in sustainable tourism development;
  • Excellent communication skills in Arabic and English
  • Relevant experience in working for governments and/or international organizations on consultancy assignments, especially in strategic communications planning;
  • Good knowledge of Adventure Tourism and management issues in the Mediterranean region, related to public awareness, knowledge, and understanding of stakeholders, as an advantage;
  • Sound knowledge of the institutions of Mediterranean region and international organizations such as the EU as an advantage;
  • Ability to work in a team in a multi-cultural environment.

Tasks of the Trainers:

 The Trainers/Consultants will run the following tasks:

  • Attendance to the online TOT hosted by MEDUSA between June and July 2020 (dates to be confirmed) (maximum two days duration);
  • Adaptation of the TOT materials to the local language and territory, delivering customized training materials for a one-day training session in collaboration with the MEDUSA partner;
  • Support to the communication and dissemination of the training sessions done by the project partners;
  • Facilitation of three training sessions of one-day duration (between the end of October and end of November, to be confirmed), organized by RMF with an estimated audience of 15-20 participants in total.

Key Deliverables 

The consultant should submit:

  • Draft version of the training materials on sustainable tourism management destination, adapted from the online TOT used in the training sessions, to be validated by RMF;
  • Final version of the training materials on sustainable tourism management destination, applying formatting and graphic design in line with the visual identity of MEDUSA and the Communication and Visibility rules of the ENI MED Programme;
  • Report after final training – 1-2 pages, including post evaluation based on questionnaires collected at the end of the training sessions.


  • Deadline to present proposals: April 30, 2020

Budget and payment:

The consultant should submit the total budget in the proposal.

The payment will be divided in 30% when signing the contract, 30% upon delivering the training and 40% after final report and evaluation.

Submission of proposals:

Interested applicants should provide a proposal covering the following aspects:

–           Detailed response to the TOR including examples of previous experiences similar to this assignment;

–           CV of the Trainer;

–           Detailed budget, including daily fee rates, expenses, etc.

Please send your proposal, as ONE PDF document with the above-mentioned points, to René Moawad Foundation (Email: [email protected]) by April 30, 2020 referencing “MEDUSA PROJECT-TRAINER”

For SELECTION criteria click here

For APPLICATION click here

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