Fatri is a beautiful rural village in the Jbeil district (Mount Lebanon, Lebanon) that is renowned for its natural sceneries which constitute a big asset for potential eco-tourism activities that can in turn boost local economy and generate jobs.

As part of BALADI project implemented by Rene Moawad Foundation in partnership with Fatri Municipality, two local CSO/NGO (municipal youth committee and Aie Confience) and one private sector (Adonis Valley- an organic production farm), RMF under the BALADI program funded by USAID supported the municipality at a total cost of $200,000 to implement an income-generating rural tourism project. The latter comprises a sociocultural and recreational center, a camping site, and a 3.5km trail that links the different sites of the project and other parts of the village. The municipality has also contributed $45K in several works in the center and trail.  In January 2020, RMF completed the full rehabilitation and signage of the old trail that the community ancestors used to march to reach their agricultural lands and work. The trail passes by several community landmarks starting from “Ain El Dayaa” (the village spring) then heads East towards “Dahr El Faras” (an ancient stairway) and down to the Olive orchards and then passing through the new project camp, an old carving press and finally reaching Adonis Valley farm. A total of 2,640 persons are expected to benefit from the various project activities including 77 people of small and medium local businesses which will benefit from the influx of visitors. Approximately 63 job opportunities are expected to be created. The trail will be officially operational starting March 2020 after the end of the rainy season. The recreational center and the campsite are already completed awaiting equipping from the municipality which will be ready by March 2020 as well.

MEDUSA Training consultant on Sustainable Destination Management

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