Women’s Economic Participation Project
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Women’s Economic Participation’s Project is funded by the Government of Canada and in partnership with UNDP by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Lebanon.

In North and Mount Lebanon the project is implemented by a consortium led by René Moawad Foundation (RMF), and including four organizations: Berytech Foundation, DOT Lebanon, Atayeb El-Rif Association, and Committee for the Follow-up of Women’s Issues.

The project aims at contributing to the economic empowerment of women by addressing women’s limited access to, control of, and benefits from economic opportunities, through:

  • Lebanese and Syrian refugee women gain strengthened capacities to integrate into market value chains according to the Lebanese labor law.
  • Women-led businesses and cooperatives have improved productivity and competitiveness and increased access to assets, spurring innovation and addressing unfavorable resource control and ownership dynamics.
  • Municipalities unions of municipalities have increased skills, knowledge, and means to be more actively involved in local economic development and are implementing interventions to support women economic empowerment.
  • Public support increased and an enabling environment enhanced for women’s economic empowerment at household, community, business, and municipal levels.

Grateful for your interest in Women’s Economics Participation Project.
This questionnaire will take 10-15 minutes to complete. All of your responses will be confidential.

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1 Step 1
A. Personal Information
1. Name
3. Address
6. Do you have your personal smart phone?
7. Do you know how to use a computer (computer literacy)?
10. Nationality
11. Do you have a valid visa?
14. What is your educational background?
B. Social Situation
16. Did you work before?
17. Do you have a job?
Tell us more:
17.1 Self-employed professional
17.2 Self-employed business owner/trader
17.3 Self-employed farmer
17.4 Full-time employer
17.5 Part-time employer
17.6 Home-based paid work
17.7 House wife
17.8 Pursuing your studies
19. Do you have a household?
21. Do you have a place to work inside your residence?
C. Value Chain

(The value chain is the sequence of activities required to move the product from the production stage to the last consumer. In agriculture, it identifies the set of actors and activities that bring a basic agricultural product from production in the field to final consumption, where at each stage value is added to the product.)

25. Rank your preference by choosing among the below value chains
27. Are you interested to become self-employed?
28. Are you willing to adopt the skills you learned throughout the WEP project in your future work?
E. Availability
29. Please indicate specific times and days that you will be available
How many days/week
Time availability
30. What challenges might hinder your participation in the training?

P.S. the activities are free of charge

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