A Holistic Water Solution for Underserved and Refugee Host Communities in Lebanon and Jordan.

This project is the result of a co-creation process facilitated by USAID, to allow organizations and implementers to combine ideas and come up with effective, and creative new solutions to problems.

The project is directed by Arizona State University, and RMF will be implementing on the ground in Lebanon an integrated, people-centered approach to a holistic water solution that addresses gaps at both the community and household levels by sustainably increasing water supply, storage, quality, and accessibility for underserved residents and refugees.

Through a combination of incredible technology from our partners, including Reverse-Osmosis water purification, solar-powered water generation, and a flexible and portable storage tank. These solutions will provide potable water to vulnerable communities who may otherwise be forced to pay high costs for access to potable water.

Date September 16, 2016-September 16, 2017
Budget $286,075
Location North Lebanon
Donors USAID
Partners  Arizona State University, H20 for Humanity, Zero Mass Water, GreenCo Water, Mercy Corps Jordan
Sectors Health and Social Care
Beneficiaries 9 Selected Communities across North Lebanon

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