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This year we are holding our annual fundraiser “Preserving Hope” as a Global Virtual Event to raise funds for two crucial causes: Humanitarian support and Livelihood assistance.

Humanitarian support

RMF provides Humanitarian support across Lebanon in an effort to help individuals and communities most in need, especially during this ever growing crisis, mainly through the following components:

RMF continues to focus on sustainable food security and reduce the possibility of malnutrition. Within this framework, RMF has been adapting its strategies and upgrading its responses to include delivering meals to homes of people in need and ensuring families are receiving adequate nutrition, increasing resources for food distribution, water allocation, land use, food trade, food processing, and others.

  • RMF successfully distributed 15,800 food boxes for $ 45 per box each year for two consecutive years to disadvantaged families.
  • RMF also provided in a joint initiative with UNICEF and other foundations 95,000 hot meals to vulnerable homes for an estimated cost of $ 5 per meal.
  • Sustainable food security through enhancing productivity and farming project funded by Germany through the German Development Bank KfW in partnership with International Labour Organization.

The healthcare sector in Lebanon is on the brink of collapse with the economic and financial situation, pandemic and the Beirut blast. RMF continues to play a prominent role by supporting the restoration of hospital emergency units that were destroyed by the devastating Beirut Port blast; by providing much needed medical supplies and protective equipment to front liners in addition to providing more than 13,500 PCR tests to the most vulnerable.

  • COVID-19 Vaccines: part of donations raised will go towards providing vaccines to vulnerable individuals who otherwise might not have access to them. These vaccines vary in price between $ 24 and $ 38 per person depending on the available vaccine type.

As part of this initiative, RMF has sought to place education and protection at the forefront of its humanitarian work. Because every child has the right to access education, RMF continues to execute several vital projects to provide high quality and equitable access to education for children of all age brackets.   

Livelihood assistance

Lebanon has witnessed one crisis after the other through the past 2 years specifically. RMF took upon itself 30 years ago the responsibility to develop innumerous programs and undertake countless initiatives towards the achievement of sustainable development. Among these today is a livelihood assistance initiative aimed at mitigating the repercussions of the acute economic crisis, the pandemic, and the Beirut explosion. RMF will continue to focus on supporting SMEs primarily affected by the Beirut blast as well as others across the country. Thousands of people benefited from the implemented projects which are providing opportunities for jobs with competitive wages, improving productivity through new technologies and trainings, enhancing competitiveness for startups, entrepreneurships and SMEs, expanding connections between stakeholders and markets in rural and urban economies alike.

Under this initiative, RMF attempts to improve access to income and employment by providing training workshops to help SMEs seize income-generating opportunities. Though a cases by cases approach and in some areas and instances much higher, RMF’s support to SMEs has on average been $ 1,500 each. Helping SMEs become sustainable has been a key part of RMF’s livelihood initiative.

Humanitarian support and Livelihood assistance are two main pillars of RMF’s vision and strategy to stand by our Lebanese people, ease a bit of their burden while continuously striving to build their capabilities, grow their potential and sustain their independency – all the while preserving their dignity and freedom. It is imperative to state that the donations collected by RMF are funneled directly to beneficiaries. The Rene Moawad Foundation will not add any administrative, logistic, or indirect costs because its ultimate goal is to provide social relief to all those in need.

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For more than 30 years, RMF has been working to empower the human being both intellectually and financially through education, health and economic development to guarantee their dignity and basic rights, and to build their capacities as responsible citizens through various fixed operation centers, and donor supported projects.
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