Nayla Moawad receives an honorary doctorate in humanities from LAU

On June 7, 2016, The Lebanese American University (LAU) granted an honorary doctorate degree in humanities to Rene Moawad Foundation president and former minister and MP Nayla Moawad, at the LAU Byblos campus commencement ceremony.
“Have faith in yourself and your country and do not allow despair in despite the difficulties,” said Mrs. Moawad after delivering a polemic against the state’s systematic failure to support and nurture the citizens of Lebanon. “Revolt against corruption and for accountability and for Lebanon … Carry the weapon of education to face challenges and have faith that the future is for you and that Lebanon needs you.”
This honor came as an initiative from LAU to award certificates and honorary doctorates to Lebanese figures and Immigrants that have played a role in supporting the social work and the sustainable development in Lebanon.